Due to the COVID-19 virus I have changed my protocol to assure the safety of both my clients and myself.

As always, you can expect me to text you a client confirmation the day prior to your appointment. When you confirm back with me a will send you an extra set of questions pertaining to your current health and exposure to COVID-19. Since I share a waiting area with another practitioner I will have you wait in your car for a text from me letting you know when to enter the building, since I cannot always guarantee the 6 feet necessary for safe social distancing. I will meet you at the front door. Before you enter the building I will take your temperature with a touch-less thermometer. If your temperature is 100 degrees or over we will reschedule your appointment. I am also monitoring my own temperature on a daily basis.

Clients can expect to wear a mask during the session. I will be wearing a mask throughout your massage and also a face shield while working in your face, neck, and upper body.

My office has been equipped with a HEPA air purifier, and I have modified my booking so that I have adequate time to wipe down all surfaces between clients. I also will be changing clothes between each client as an extra sanitary measure.

I am dedicated to providing you with the same quality services to bring you comfort and a sense of health and well-being.